Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Enjoy Being A Girl

There are always people in life who are more fashionable than the next. These are people who are admired and often greatly envied. People like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy. Their styles are classic. They are fashion icons who will never age. Their classic and simple pieces are timeless. Every era has at least one and I believe I found my favorite "fashion forward" woman for my time.

To begin though, I must admit that Jonas has become a recent guilty pleasure of mine. The appeal of the show comes not only with the musical talents of the JB's, who carry an Osmond brother like skill (not to mention their similar opposition-to-the-world values), but it reminds me of when I would watch reruns of The Monkees television series on TV Land. Probably the whole boy-band pointless- television-series thing. Chelsea Staub, part of the shows cast, has become my chosen fashion icon for this generation. Actually, her character has claimed the title, but I figure I should give her credit for at least wearing the clothes.

Granted, she already has an advantage in the wide world of fashion for a few of reasons.

ONE: The characters in the show all attend a uniform-wearing, Jonas-brother-attending prep-school.

TWO: Her character, Stella, plays the "stylist" for the boy band themselves. (We all know how extremely fashionable the JB's pride themselves as being. This probably gave them some say in selecting the wardrobe for their series.) Chelsea's character must have an impeccable eye. Not only when it comes to the brother's fashion statements but also to her own.

THREE: Disney isn't brainless enough to skimp on costume and fashion choices for a group that probably rakes in a great portion of their funds. (Not to mention the youngest brother is dating another one of their huge tween icons. Sometimes I question this though. They all have such great taste, so what does Nick see in her?)

All in all, "Stella" seems to have it made. But really, her character gets to wear some really great pieces. Not only do I want her cute plaid skirts, but also every cardigan, blazer, oxford, and beret (yes, beret) she owns. And don't get me started on her shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes, especially when they reference another of the great fashion icons of the world. (Audrey Hepburn was known for her great flats. And her skinny black slacks, but that is a story for another day.) Luckily, my favorite store, has caught on to the desires of my heart and is now stocking a lot of Stella-ish merchandise. I guess you could say it has become my heaven. Mostly though, it just makes every day another time when I can say that I enjoy being a girl. I could never have too many skirts, flats, and, especially, cardigans!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't (You) Forget About Me

A few months ago I walked down the halls of my high school for my last time as a student. As graduation loomed closer and closer my steps fell more slowly on the carpeted halls of Skyline High School. Each step was marked with memories that filled the past three years of my life. Years filled with new friends and new dreams; love and laughter; tears and smiles; penny fights and picnics; broken shoes and broken hearts. Looking back on all of my time spent within those blue and white halls I wouldn't change one thing. My experiences there helped to make me into the person I am today.

I remember my first day when I hardly knew anyone. I guess you could say I was nervous but excited. (There was zero choreography.) But over time there was dancing...High school dances and high school musicals. Days when I was literally dragged to Key Club. There was Hard Candy and Footloose. Teachers with "man hands" and teachers with rolling desk chairs. Football games and basketball games. Wins and losses. Days when we made ice cream in the hallway. Halo Tournaments and Movie Marathons. There was even "Potentially Hazardous Meat."

This post is dedicated to all my friends who helped to make those memories. (You) made my high school experience magical. Together, (you) slowed my steps and helped me remember the good times. I hope (you) know that "I will remember (you)" as long as (you) "don't forget about me." I may not have been able to slow time and enjoy another three years with (you), but the memories I made with (you) will last a lifetime. (You) gave me "the time of my life."

As we all take our own paths on the fork in the road know that I can "look back on these times, and the dreams we left behind, and I'll be glad 'cause I was blessed to get to have (you) in my life." Some are headed to college and some on missions but we will always be connected by the memories we share. Thank (you)!