Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it's (J)ust another crush...

Call it coincidence. Call it fate. Call it whatever you want. But I cannot seem to escape the "J"-Syndrome I have caught myself in. What is this "J"-Syndrome, you ask? Put simply it is the vortex surrounding me that seems to attract people with J-names, many of whom I develop crushes on, date, etc. More deeply put, a great number of people I meet or am friends with have J names. First name or last name, it makes no difference. I cannot escape the J.

(I should probably place a disclaimer here...not all the people I have liked have been J-named people, and I don't like every J-named person I ever meet, but it is just ironic that more often than not, the people I am attracted to have J-names.)

I guess you could say it all started in elementary school with my first J crush. A Jason from up the street. Of course it was the silly, little girl kind of crush but it has sent me down a path inevitable toward all the J's in the world.

The trend continued into High School. I think I even recognized it, but dismissed it as irrelevant. Nevertheless, it was just as prevalent. Whether the guy I pined most of my high school dating career over or the cute guy in (or guys) in seminary, I was being haunted by the J. (Specific names here are left to the imagination...a girl has to keep the ace up her sleeve once in a while.)

The trend even extends to my best friend, Cody, and second family, the Jardines.

College has been no exception, and if anything, has only multiplied the "J"-Syndrome. Jimmy's Jason's, Josh's, Jeremy's, Joseph's, Justin's, Jesse's. Met them all. Been attracted to some. Whatever the case, I just seem to find the J's. On some occasions I don't even know their name when I find them attractive.

The "J"-Syndrome even extends into my celebrity crush collage. Jess from Gilmore Girls. The Jonas brothers, particularly Joe, who is a double threat for the J-name trend. Jonathan Jones of We Shot the Moon, another double threat. Josh Groban. John Isner (tennis player). Even my latest celeb crush portrays a J-named person in I Am Number Four, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer). If we wanted to go way back, Jimmy Stewart even falls in the pack. I just cannot seem to escape the J. Even fake celebrity crushes have the J-name...Justin Bieber for example. Only good for amusement...but still bearing the J.

I haven't decided if the "J"-Syndrome is a good or bad thing yet. I guess I will just wait it out and see. But for now it seems to be an increasing trend. I guess all I can do really for now is embrace the J.


New Original Front Porch Friend said...

I thought of another 'J' not mentioned in this crush-ology. The name doesn't really rhyme with anything, but it does have a connection with the Double J, Mr. Jonathan Jones. Think about it. I also thought of another 'J' name, one that shan't be mentioned because if I say it, then you're going to reply with, "J'kidding me?" Keep blogging. I loved it!

whitty said...

You are not alone in this phenomenon. 4 of the last 5 people I have been interested in have had THE EXACT SAME NAME. Weird. And then guys with that name start appearing everywhere. On the bus. In the grocery store. At dessert night. It's like, I don't know why I even ask guys for their name anymore because I already know what it will be.

Julie Brinton said...

And yet no mention of your second best friend with a J name :( Just kidding, I'm just glad you're blogging again!!!!!